Useful Operator Commands

April 4, 2012 Rui Miguel Feio

MVS Commands d a,l All active Address spaces d a,xy* Active jobs starting with “XY” d parmlib PARMLIB concatenation d prog,lnklst Programs defined to Link List d asm,page=all Page data sets & utilization of page space d etr Sysplex timer d grs,c Global resource serialization – contention d iplinfo IPL […]

How the system starts and manages batch jobs

December 11, 2010 Rui Miguel Feio

Batch processing is the most fundamental function of z/OS. Many batch jobs are run in parallel and JCL is used to control the operation of each job. Correct use of JCL parameters (especially the DISP parameter in DD statements) allows parallel, asynchronous execution of jobs that may need access to […]

JES2 Start Methods

November 13, 2010 Rui Miguel Feio

The following are the three possible JES2 start methods: 1. WARM – This is the default start method. – WARM specifies that JES2 is to continue processing jobs from where they were stopped. – If the FORMAT option was also coded, then JES2 will ignore the WARM specification and perform […]

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