EXITS provided with z/OS by IBM

January 10, 2017 Rui Miguel Feio

What exactly is an EXIT in z/OS? An EXIT is nothing more than a subroutine invoked by a program that can be customised to implement a predefined event in the execution of that same program. Confused? In that case imagine an EXIT as a way to customise the execution of […]

What is a VTAM major node?

September 4, 2010 Rui Miguel Feio

A major node is a list of parameters that define a specific type of network device or group of related devices that VTAM can address. To define the attachment of any device or set of devices to VTAM, you need to code a major node member in the VTAMLST data […]

Useful VTAM commands

September 4, 2010 Rui Miguel Feio

1. Display commands D NET,VTAMOPTS Display VTAM options, including SUBAREA Number, NETID, SSCPNAME, SSCPID D NET,BFRUSE Display information about VTAM¢s virtual storage and buffer pool usage D NET,APPLS Display the applications (APPLIDS) that VTAM knows about D NET,PATHTAB Display the status of communications PATHs between subareas in the VTAM network […]