JES2 Start Methods

The following are the three possible JES2 start methods:


– This is the default start method.

– WARM specifies that JES2 is to continue processing jobs from where they were stopped.

– If the FORMAT option was also coded, then JES2 will ignore the WARM specification and perform a cold start.


– COLD specifies that JES2 is to be cold-started.

– All jobs in the system will be purged and all job data on the spool volumes will be scratched which means that the existing data in JES will be totally destroyed.



– FORMAT specifies that JES2 is to format all existing spool volumes.

– With FORMAT, JES2 automatically performs a cold start.

– If you add unformatted spool volumes, JES2 automatically formats them whether FORMAT is specified or not.

The default value is NOFMT which means that JES2 is not to format existing spool volumes unless JES2 determines that formatting is required.

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