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How to Invoke USS from z/OS Batch Jobs

by Rui Miguel Feio in JCL

In order to run Unix System Services (USS) shell commands, scripts and others, from a batch job, you can use the BPXBATCH program provided with z/OS. BPXBATCH can be invoked form a JCL (batch job) or from TSO: JCL: EXEC PGM=BPXBATCH,PARM=’SH program-name’ EXEC PGM=BPXBATCH,PARM=’PGM program-name’ TSO: BPXBATCH SH program-name BPXBATCH PGM program-name BPXBATCH allows you to allocate the z/OS standard files stdin, stdout, and stderr as z/OS UNIX files for passing input, for shell command processing, and writing output and error messages. If you do allocate standard files, they must [...]

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