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Useful DFSMShsm User Commands

by Rui Miguel Feio in Uncategorised

The following is a list of useful DFSMShsm user commands, containing their description, syntax and some examples. CommandDescriptionHALTERDSHALChanges the data set parameters that affect backup. This command only applies to NON-SMS managed data sets. Syntax:     HALTERDS (dsname/password…)              FREQUENCY(days) or SYSFREQUENCY              VERSIONS(limit) or SYSVERSIONS Examples:HALTERDS PARTSTST.CNTL  VERSIONS(13) FREQUENCY(999) HALTERDS COMTEST.CLIST  SYSVERSIONS HALTERDS VERSION1.TEXT  FREQUENCY(10)  HBACKDSHBACKBacks up a specific data set. Syntax:     HBACKDS (dsname/password…)             NEWNAME(newdatasetname)                DATE(yyyy/mm/dd)                 TIME(hhmmss)               SPHERE(YES ! NO)               GENVSAMCOMPNAMES(YES ! NO)             EXTENDRC             VOLUME(volid) UNIT(unittype)             CHANGEDONLY             TARGET (DASD ! TAPE)              CC ( STANDARD ! PREFERRED ! REQUIRED                  PHYSICALEND ! LOGICALEND )             RETAINDAYS(days)             [...]

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