Free Virtual Event on 21st July – The Role of the systems programmer in protecting the mainframe from accidental or malicious event!

The next 1 hour meeting of the GSE UK Large Systems Working Group, will take place on Wednesday 21st July 2021 via Zoom – session will run from 13:00 to 14:00 (UK time). This meeting is free to attend and is open to both GSE member companies and non-members.

In this session Mark Wilson will discuss and share examples of some of the real-world events he has seen or heard about, that have adversely affected mainframe systems. The role of the systems programmer is an important one and has changed significantly over the last few years as the threat landscape has changed. We can no longer rely on the fact that no one understands what a mainframe is.

Mark will share some of the work being doing by many organisations to help prepare the mainframe for when an event occurs and what is being done to help prevent or warn us.

This isn’t a security session it’s about being prepared for when an event occurs and the role the modern systems programmer must play in preventing and recovering from an incident.

It’s as much about a change in mindset as anything else, we as the systems programmers have to think about the worst-case scenario and how we can do things in a secure manner to protect our businesses and ourselves.

Mark has an extensive background in all things system z. His specialties include:

  • z/OS Consulting and Systems Programming
  • zSeries security, particularly, Security Assessments and Penetration Testing

He is a thought leader and international speaker in mainframe security and technology, IBM Champion and passionate advocate of all things Z.

Mark leads the Global BMC Mainframe Services Team.

With over four decades of experience in IBM Z across diverse sectors and environments, Mark has worked in both hands-on technical and strategic roles.

Additionally, Mark is Guide Share Europe (GSE) UK Region and conference Manager.

Registration is available here >

Please book your space asap if you wish to attend, as we have a limited number of spaces available!

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