Photo of Rui Miguel Feio

With over 20 years of technical IT experience, and a broad range of skills, I have in-depth experience of IT security and systems programming and support, especially on IBM mainframes but also on Unix/Linux and PC based systems and cross platform environments.

During this time I have worked as a consultant and have Team lead many projects for several multi-billion dollars corporate and government clients around the world, including multi-nationals within the banking, insurance, commerce, services, retail, logistics, medical and government sectors.

I have presented several formal education classes and lectured in many conferences and seminars throughout the years. To help others in gaining basic and advanced skills in IT, I have written several technical manuals and co-authored the IBM Redbook “ABCs of z/OS System Programming volume 6“.

As a person I have a tremendous thirst for knowledge with specific incidence on IT security, economy and history. I tend to be very passionate when I speak or write about these subjects!

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