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With over 25 years of technical IT experience, and a broad range of skills, I have in-depth experience of IT security, systems programming, support, and project architecture especially on IBM mainframes but also on Unix/Linux and PC based systems and cross platform environments.

During this time I have worked as a consultant and have Team lead many projects for several multi-billion dollars corporate and government clients around the world, including multi-nationals within the banking, insurance, commerce, services, retail, logistics, medical and government sectors.

Currently I’m a Director of a multi-national mainframe services company, having also worked as a manager in the past.

I have presented several formal education classes and lectured in many conferences and seminars throughout the years. To help others in gaining basic and advanced skills in IT, I have written several technical manuals and co-authored the IBM Redbook “ABCs of z/OS System Programming volume 6“.

I co-chair the GSE UK Large Systems Working Group (LSWG). This GSE UK group is typically aimed at system programmers and all experience levels are welcome. It covers all IBM mainframe operating systems and major subsystems such as JES2, and look at both IBM and non-IBM program products.

GSE UK organises the largest system z Technical Conference in the UK. It runs over 100 hours of technical training coupled with a vendor area of 30+ exhibitors and sponsors. Due to covid-19 the conferences are now virtual.

I am also a co-founder of the Mainframe Society. The Mainframe Society initiative is fueled by a passion for creating a vibrant and inclusive society for the mainframe communities. This initiative fosters a vibrant and inclusive global society that transcends technical and organisational barriers. This global network amplifies the richness of varied perspectives and experiences, driving innovation and growth on a global scale.

As a person I have a tremendous thirst for knowledge with specific incidence on IT security, economy and history. I tend to be very passionate when I speak or write about these subjects!

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