What is batch processing?

Batch processing is a method of running a program or a series of programs in which one or more records (a batch) are processed with little or no action from the user or operator.

A program that reads a large file and generates a report, for example, is considered to be a batch job.

To enable the processing of a batch job, z/OS professionals use Job Control Language (JCL) to tell z/OS which programs are to be executed and which files will be needed by the executing programs.

JCL allows the user to describe certain attributes of a batch job to z/OS, such as:

–    Who the user is (the submitter of the batch job)

–    What program to run

–    Where input and output are located

–    When a job is to run

After the user submits the job to the system, there is normally no further human interaction with the job until it is complete.

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