ISPF – Search for a Member in Multiple PDS

I’m sure everyone has come across the need of locating a PDS member, but not remembering exactly on which data set the member is. Well, there is a very simple way of doing this using ISPF option 3.4:

  1. On ISPF select option 3.4
  2. Enter the HLQ (High Level Qualifier) of the datasets you want to list to search for the member (ex: TSOUSR or COMP.DAILY)
  3. In the Command Line enter M member_name (ex: let’s suppose the member you want to locate is TESTMEM. In this case you would issue M TESTMEM)
  4. The system will go through all the data sets you’ve selected and try to locate the member name you’ve indicated.
  5. Once it locates the member, the system issues message “Member(s) Found” and at the Message area it will indicate the member name(ex: Member: TESTMEM)

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