Displaying the defined Subsystems Command Prefixes

The MVS command to display the defined command prefixes for the subsystems in the sysplex is:


The shorter version of this command is:

/D O

Note: PREFIX is the default operand so you do not need to specify it.

An example of what the DISPLAY OPDATA command will return is:

IEE603I 14.21.34 OPDATA DISPLAY 096
$          JES2       MVS1       SYSTEM    NO       SYSPURGE
$          JES2       MVS2       SYSTEM    NO       SYSPURGE
#          RACF       MVS1       SYSTEM    NO       SYSPURGE
#          RACF       MVS2       SYSTEM    NO       SYSPURGE

The prefix ($ or # as in the example above) can be used to issue specific subsystem commands. For example:

1. For JES2: /$D SPOOL

2. For RACF: /# SET LIST

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