RACF Templates

The RACF database contains records whose format is controlled by a set of database templates. The templates map out how profiles are written on the RACF database.

IBM makes changes to the templates to add new segments to the RACF database, or to add new fields to existing segments. The templates include level information that allows RACF to compare two sets of templates and determine which has the later set of definitions.

Any time a new release of RACF, or PTF that includes new templates is installed, we need to insure that all three copies of the templates are at the same level. We use IRRMIN00 utility for this effect. Both RACF initialisation and the IRRMIN00 utility use this level information to determine the relationship between the different copies of the templates on the system.

The three RACF Templates copies are:

  1. The latest version shipped with RACF which is in the CSECT IRRTEMP2.
  2. A copy of the templates on the RACF database.
  3. An in-storage copy, which RACF uses to control how users and programs that access the database through RACF process database records.

For more information on this subject, please refer to IBM manual “z/OS Security Server RACF System Programmer’s Guide” – SA22-7681

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