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Physical Storage

Conceptually, mainframes and all other computers have two types of physical storage: – The physical storage located on the mainframe processor itself. This is called processor storage or real storage; think of it as memory for the mainframe. – The physical storage external to the mainframe, including storage on direct […]


Dynamic Address Translation (DAT)

Dynamic Address Translation, or DAT, is the process of translating a virtual address during a storage reference into the corresponding real address. If the virtual address is already in real storage, the DAT process may be accelerated through the use of a translation lookaside buffer; if the virtual address is […]


Generation Data Group (GDG)

GDG is a collection of historically related non-VSAM data sets that are arranged in chronological order. Each data set within a GDG is called a generation data set (GDS) or generation. Within a GDG, the generations can have like or unlike DCB attributes and data set organizations. If the attributes […]

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Display all Storage Groups

To display all the Storage Groups of the currently active SMS configuration, we use the command: D SMS,SG(ALL) Example: D SMS,SG(ALL) IGD002I 15:24:57 DISPLAY SMS 749 STORGRP  TYPE    SYSTEM= 1 SGTSTVL  POOL            + SGDB2VL  POOL            + DUMMY    DUMMY           . SGOVRFL  POOL            * SGTAPE   TAPE            + ***************************** LEGEND ***************************** . THE […]