Most Common Out-Of-Space Abends and Error Codes

October 2, 2013 Rui Miguel Feio

Although many other space related abends and error codes may occur, the truth is that some are more common than others. The following table lists the ones that fall under the most common out-of-space abends and error codes:   Abend / Error Explanation B37-04 Insufficient space/extents on current volume and […]

The IEFBR14 utility

October 1, 2013 Rui Miguel Feio

IEFBR14 is an IBM utility better known for being a dummy utility because it does almost nothing. IEFBR14 performs no other action than return a completion code of 0. However, submitting JCL to run the IEFBR14 utility invokes other system components that perform the following useful tasks: Allocate new flat files […]