The Principles Of Successful Freelancing – Review

Author: Miles Burke
Author: Miles Burke

When I first saw this book I must confess it got me curious. I read some reviews (which were good) and I decided to give it a shot and buy it.

When I got the book (yes, because I buy most of my books online) I gave it a cursory glance  and decided to drop the book I had been reading to start this one.

I don’t have much free time to read a book in one day or just a few hours but this one was quick. It took me three days and I must tell you, what a great book!

It gives you a realistic approach on how to become a freelancer, what to consider, what to avoid, and what you should do to succeed as a freelancer.

The book presents you with advantages and disadvantages of freelancing which are of great value.

This book is of easy reading and it’s less then 200 pages which is great!

This book has the following chapters:

  1. Considering Freelancing?
  2. Prepare for the Transition
  3. Manage Your Money
  4. Set Yourself Up
  5. Win the Work
  6. Give Great Service
  7. Achieve Work-Life Balance
  8. Where to from Here?

I strongly recommend “The Principles Of Successful Freelancing” if you’re considering becoming a freelancer or if you’re already one and would like to check if you’re doing it right. 🙂