The Logrec

Every system is prone for problems and errors and mainframe is no exception. On a mainframe system whenever a hardware failure, selected software errors, and selected system conditions occurs, the system records information about the error in the Logrec data set or the Logrec log stream.

As a Systems Programmer you can choose whether the system will record the Logrec error records in a Logrec data set or in a coupling facility Logrec log stream.

Normally, when a system is not in a sysplex, you can opt to use a Logrec data set. You can choose to use this type of recording by initializing the logrec data set before IPLing the system that will use it.

If however, your systems are on a sysplex you should opt to use a coupling facility Logrec log stream. This does not mean that you can not use a logrec data set for each of the systems that are part of the sysplex. This solution simply makes your life much easier. By using the coupling facility Logrec log stream on a sysplex you eliminate the following:

• Running IFCDIP00 to initialize multiple logrec data sets
• Handling full or emergency data set conditions
• Scheduling the daily offload of logrec data sets
• Concatenating multiple history data sets
• Archiving logrec records

To be able to visualize the content of the Logrec the Systems Programmer will need to create Reports by using the EREP (Environmental Record, Editing, and Printing program). The EREP allows the Systems Programmer to:

• To print reports about the system records
• To determine the history of the system
• To learn about a particular error

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