Defining a Logrec Log Stream

First of all and before defining a Logrec log stream, the Systems Programmer should make sure that the system in question was IPLed with a Logrec data set initialized by IFCDIP00. If this is not the case, you cannot change the Logrec recording medium from LOGSTREAM to DATASET using the […]


How to define the Logrec Data Set SYS1.LOGREC

If you want to define a Logrec Data Set, you must first allocate it and then initialize it. //IFCDIP00 JOB CLASS=A,MSGLEVEL=(1,1),MSGCLASS=X,NOTIFY=&SYSUID //*—————————————————————— //*  CREATE A NEW LOGREC DATASET AND INITIALIZE IT //*—————————————————————— //IFCDIP00 EXEC PGM=IFCDIP00 //SERERDS  DD  DSN=SYS1.LOGREC,DISP=(,CATLG), //         VOL=SER=MVSRES,UNIT=3390,SPACE=(CYL,3,,CONTIG) /* In this example we create and initialize Logrec Data […]


The Logrec

Every system is prone for problems and errors and mainframe is no exception. On a mainframe system whenever a hardware failure, selected software errors, and selected system conditions occurs, the system records information about the error in the Logrec data set or the Logrec log stream. As a Systems Programmer […]