Business Accelerator Event in Bristol, UK (03 November)

Another day, another… presentation. 🙂

This time I’ll be presenting at the “Business Accelerator Event” in Bristol, UK. This event will occur this Thursday, 3rd of November and it’s the first of a series of events, to try to raise awareness on small and medium size businesses on 3 main areas:

  1. Effective marketing – how to tell the story of your company
  2. Finance and investment – how to setup your company beyond the cashflow
  3. Cyber Security – online threats that can compromise your business

For more information visit the Forever Venture’s event web page.

The topic of my presentation will be:

Tackling the Cyber Security Threat
Every day new businesses create their presence online. The internet can be the best way of marketing a product or service and generate new leads and income. But the risks are immense. Every day, hackers compromise websites and get hold of confidential data. When this happens, this can mean the end of your business. What can you do to prevent this from happening? 

The renowned James McSill, will be presenting on:

Stories Make People
We can be a victim of or profit from the stories we hear or tell. Stories define people, people define companies. What stories should define you?

From a business and financial perspective, Mark Banwell will be presenting on:

Choosing the Correct Funding Options
Decide what your business plan is, then cash flow the business on that basis. Look beyond cash: staff - incentives; investing chairmen; non-exec directors. Avoid the hype; focus on your end goals.

I hope to see you all there. 🙂


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