What is a Virtual Tape Library (VTL)?

A Virtual Tape Library (VTL) is a disk (DASD) based backup system that emulates a real tape library system. For the operating system and to those who use the VTL, it’s like working with real tapes, but in reality it’s disk. A Virtual Tape Library has several benefits: Better backup/restore […]

Tech - Mainframe

The New IBM Mainframe z14 Is Here!

IBM has officially announced its latest enterprise mainframe server, the z14. A powerful addition to the z Systems mainframe family. Some of the IBM z14 feature highlights are: Trust – the foundation of digital relationships 100% encryption is 100% mainframe Real time insights and machine learning Lightning fast data access […]


Using SUPERC to Search for Text Strings

SUPERC (super compare) is one of ISPF’s most useful utilities; It allows to compare datasets or search for text strings. Normally, SUPERC is used via ISPF panels but it can also be used in batch job. SUPERC is able to process: Sequential datasets Partitioned datasets (including individual members) Concatenated datasets […]