RACF – Group Authorities

Each user in a group requires a level of group authority for that group. If a user is connected to several groups, the user has a level of group authority for each group. Authority Description USE  Allows the user to access resources to which the group is authorized. CREATE  Allows […]


RACF – User Attributes

User attributes are extraordinary capabilities, limitations, or environments that can be assigned to a user either all of the time or when the user is connected to a specific group or groups. Attribute Description SPECIAL A user who has the SPECIAL attribute at the system level can issue all RACF […]


RACF – Access Authority

NONE  Does not allow users to access the data set. EXECUTE  Allows users to load and execute, but not to read or copy, programs in the library. READ  Allows users to access the data set for reading only. UPDATE  Allows users to read from, copy from, or write to the […]

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery (DR) Tiers

Disaster Recovery tiers have been defined in the early 1990s by the Automatic Remote Site Recovery project at SHARE and are as follows:   Tier 0 No Disaster Recovery plan.  All data is lost and recovery is not possible. Tier 1 Pickup Truck Access Method (PTAM) – the system, the subsystem, and […]

Command keyboard key

Useful Operator Commands

MVS Commands d a,l All active Address spaces d a,xy* Active jobs starting with “XY” d parmlib PARMLIB concatenation d prog,lnklst Programs defined to Link List d asm,page=all Page data sets & utilization of page space d etr Sysplex timer d grs,c Global resource serialization – contention d iplinfo IPL […]