Choosing Between PADCHK And NOPADCHK Operands

When setting up program control protection in RACF via the PROGRAM general resource class, you have the option to specify if the profile is to be PADCHK or NOPADCHK.



This is the default. With PADCHK, RACF will check for Program-Accessed Data Sets (PADS) that are already open before executing the program. If there is any Program-Accessed Data Sets opened, RACF will ensure that the user ID/program combination is in the conditional access list of each data set before it allows the program to be loaded.



With NOPADCHK, RACF will not perform the Program-Accessed Data Checks for the program. The program is loaded and will have access to any currently opened Program-Accessed Data Sets (PADS). This will occur independently of the user ID/program combination existing in the conditional access list. NOPADCHK allows an installation to define entire libraries of modules as controlled programs without having to give each of these modules explicit access to any Program-Accessed Data Sets. You should only use NOPADCHK if you trust the programs will only access data that they should.

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