How to Delete a WordPress Theme

Nothing is ever straight forward. This is a fact!  Naturally, this also applies to when you want to delete a WordPress Theme.

The thing is it’s actually quite simple to remove a Theme from WordPress. The problem as always is that the option seems to be hidden from everyone.

Ok, no more talk. Let’s get to business. Here’s how you delete a WordPress Theme:

  1. In WordPress select option Appearance 
  2. You then need to select option Themes
  3. Make sure the WordPress Theme you want to delete is not Active! If it is, then activate a different one by selecting the Activate option of the new Theme
  4. Hover over the WordPress Theme you wish to delete and select Theme Details
  5. You will now be seeing the Theme details page
  6. Select option Delete (right lower corner)
  7. Click OK to confirm

Congratulations! The WordPress Theme is now gone!


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