SHARE in Orlando 2015 – Orlando, FL (USA) – 09-14 Aug 2015

This August I will be speaking at the Share 2015 conference in Orlando, Florida in the United States.

I will be giving 3 presentations around security:

Cybercrime Inc.
In this session we will discuss how technology evolution has allowed syndicate criminals to become organised criminal “corporations”. We will be looking at how the evolution of hacking and the cyber world is putting our society at risk. This presentation will be useful for people working in IT security or anyone with interest in cybercrime.
The Billion Dollar Product – “Online Privacy”
In this session we will be discussing the erosion of online privacy. How companies and governments are utilising, misusing and selling personal data without the subjects knowledge! There is no such thing as a free ride or service. People are effectively the product. The billion dollar product.
We will also be addressing how large-scale companies using mainframes believe that their data is secure and that this does not require any special attention or consideration, which ultimately leads to major risks.
5 Myths that Can put your Mainframe at Risk
In this session we will discuss 5 ‘myths’ that can put the future of the mainframe at risk. How can the mainframe survive after 50 years of existence? How bright is the future? How secure is the mainframe?

Visit the SHARE 2015 in Orlando conference website for more information or to register in the event.

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