GSE Natconf 2016 “Enterprise in the cloud” Conference, Netherlands (17 Nov)

2016 is rapidly coming to an end, but there is still time for a few more conferences and presentations. This time, it’s the GSE Natconf 2016 “Enterprise in the cloud” conference that will occur next week (17 November) in Almere in the Netherlands.

The subjects of my 2 presentations for this event are:

Security Audit on the Mainframe

In this session Rui will draw on his experience as a mainframe security expert to advise on how to perform a security audit on the mainframe. Rui will address what to consider before, during and after a security audit and the value and importance a company can expect from it.

Cyber Crime – The New World Order

In this session we will discuss how cyber crime is affecting nations, companies and individuals, and how it’s compromising our world and modern society. The speaker will address how hackers, criminal organisations, and nation states, are drawing a new world order where criminality flourishes in the dark web and everyone and everything is a target, and how personal data is worth billions.

For more information, and to enroll in the conference, please visit the GSE Natconf 2016 “Enterprise in the cloud” conference website.


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