Event on 26th May – Logical Corruption Protection with IBM Z Cyber Vault

GSE Large Systems Working Group (LSWG)

The next 1 hour meeting of the GSE UK Large Systems Working Group, will take place on Wednesday 26th May 2021 via Zoom – session will run from 13:00 to 14:00 (UK time). This meeting is free to attend and is open to both GSE member companies and non-members.

The subject for this meeting will be “Logical Corruption Protection with IBM Z Cyber Vault”. 

Abstract: In the last 25 years most clients implemented a HA/DR strategy to address physical outages of datacenter components or whole datacenters. And due to automation, new technology and tools like GDPS customers were pretty successful with these projects. However the HA/DR mechanisms in place do not protect client from logical corruption, which can be caused by outside attacks, insider threats or just mistakes. Are you prepared to handle the challenge of a wide spread corruption in your datacenter? IBM Z Cyber Vault helps clients to prepare with detecting, responding and recovering from logical corruption issues. This session will cover the architectural principals and implementation details of an IBM Z Cyber Vault.

This session will be presented by Matthias Bangert.  Matthias is an Executive IT Specialist with 35 years of Mainframe experience,  focusing on resiliency in the worldwide technical sales team of IBM Systems. In this role he is part of the team developing a Cyber Vault architecture for clients. Before joining the worldwide technical sales team, Matthias worked with many clients in Europe on new technology introduction and exploitation. Before joining IBM in 1999 Matthias worked for a Hitachi Reseller in Germany being responsible for datacenter merges, DASD mirroring introduction and performance analysis. In the early days of his career Matthias worked as System Programmer MVS for 2 clients in Germany. 

Registration is available here > https://www.gse.org.uk/events/gse-large-systems-working-group-meeting-logical-corruption-protection-with-ibm-z-cyber-vault/ (registration is required to receive the Zoom link).

Please book your space asap if you wish to attend, as we have a limited number of spaces available! For those of you who have already registered, you will receive your Zoom joining instructions around the 25th May.

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