RACF Data Security Monitor (DSMON)

The Data Security Monitor (DSMON) is an IBM RACF utility that produces reports on: System report: Displays system information (Operating System, RACF level, Sysres volume, SMF id) Group Tree report: Shows the hierarchy of RACF groups Program Properties Table (PPT) report: Lists programs that execute with special privileges RACF Authorised […]


What is SYS1.UADS for?

Have you ever thought what would happen if your External Security Manager (RACF, ACF2, or TSS) becomes unavailable? How will you be able to access your mainframe system? Well, SYS1.UADS is the answer to this question. This dataset contains the list of users that can access the mainframe system should […]


RACF Utilities Summary

IBM provides several utilities for RACF that can be helpful for a mainframe security administrator. Without going into much detail on each of the RACF utilities, the following table provides an explanation of what each of these utilities is for: Utility Description IRRMIN00 RACF database initialisation utility. IRRMIN00 can be […]