RACF Utilities Summary

IBM provides several utilities for RACF that can be helpful for a mainframe security administrator.

Without going into much detail on each of the RACF utilities, the following table provides an explanation of what each of these utilities is for:

Utility Description
IRRMIN00 RACF database initialisation utility.

IRRMIN00 can be used to initialise a new database or to update an existing RACF database with a new set of RACF templates.

IRRUT400 RACF database split/merge/extend utility.

IRRUT400 physically reorganises the RACF profiles and compresses the RACF database.

IRRDBU00 RACF database unload utility.

IRRDBU00 gives access to the information in the RACF database. This utility can be used to unload the RACF database into a sequential data set and then use the output in a variety of ways.

In addition, the sequential dataset can be uploaded into a database manager such as DB2, where data can be queried and reports created.

IRRUT200 RACF database verification utility.

IRRUT200 can be used to identify inconsistencies in the internal organisation of a RACF database. It can also be used to make an exact, block-by-block copy of the RACF database.

IRRUT100 RACF cross-reference utility.

IRRUT100 lists all occurrences of a specified userid or group name that appear in a RACF database. This can help discovering the relationships between various users and groups, and learn other important information about users, groups, and the resources they control. Generic profile names will be followed by the letter “G” in parentheses.

All users can run IRRUT100 for their own userids or any userids they own. To run IRRUT100 for other usersds, the user must be defined to RACF with one of these attributes:

•    Group-AUDITOR
•    Group-SPECIAL

IRRRID00 RACF remove ID utility.

IRRRID00 can help keeping the RACF database current. This utility can be used to remove all references to group names and userids that no longer exist or are about to be removed from the RACF database. Also, a replacement ID can be specified for those IDs that will be removed.

IRRADU00 RACF SMF data unload utility.

IRRADU00 can be used to create a sequential file from security-related audit data. Once the sequential file is created, it can be used in a variety of ways. In addition, the sequential file can be uploaded into a database manager such as DB2, where you data can be easily queried and reports created.

This utility can be used to create reports for RACF audit records that the RACF report writer is unable to process.

For more details on the RACF utilities, please refer to IBM’s manual “z/OS Security Server RACF System Programmer’s Guide”.


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