Useful VTAM commands

1. Display commands

D NET,BFRUSE Display information about VTAM¢s virtual storage and buffer pool usage
D NET,APPLS Display the applications (APPLIDS) that VTAM knows about
D NET,PATHTAB Display the status of communications PATHs between subareas in the VTAM network
D NET,MAJNODES Display details about major nodes
D NET,ID=… Display information about the specified VTAM resource
D NET,ID=…,E Display more information about the specified VTAM resource

2. Vary commands

V NET,ACT,ID=… Activate the specified resource
V NET,INACT,ID=… Deactivate the specified resource
V NET,INACT,ID=…,I Immediately deactivate the specified resource
V NET,INACT,ID=…,F Force-deactivate the specified resource
V NET,ACQ,ID=… Acquire the specified resource (NCP or non-switched PU) without activating it – used during network recovery whereby this VTAM can take ownership of another VTAM¢s resource

3. Modify commands

F NET,TNSTAT,CNSL=YES Activate the VTAM tuning statistics display and output to the console
F NET,NOTNSTAT Deactivate the VTAM tuning statistics display
F NET,TRACE,… Initiate or Modify VTAM tracing
F NET,NOTRACE,… Terminate VTAM tracing

4. Halt commands

Z NET Terminate VTAM processing normally
Z NET,QUICK Terminate VTAM processing immediately without waiting for normal termination of existing sessions – should only be used when normal termination does not complete successfully
Z NET,CANCEL Abends VTAM – should only be used when both Z NET and Z NET,QUICK are


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