• Linklist is used to improve the performance of program management and mechanisms utilized to locate and fetch Load modules, such as LLA and VLF.
  • Linklist is a group of system and a user-defined Load library that is a continuation of SYS1.LINKLIB and also indicates the search order the system uses for programs.
  • Can have PDS and PDS/E libraries in its concatenation.
  • The data sets are concatenated in the order in which they appear in the Linklist, and the system creates a Data Extent Block (DEB) describing the data sets concatenated to SYS1.LINKLIB and their extents.
  • By default Linklist begins with:
  • The linklist concatenation can be defined in PARMLIB members PROGxx or LNKLSTxx.


When determining which data sets LLA and VLF are to manage, try to limit the choices to production Load libraries that are rarely changed. This avoids a refresh of LLA or VLF operations.

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