Coupling Facility Logical Partition

The Coupling Facility LP is defined through HCD and Processor Resource/Systems Manager (PR/SM) panels on the Hardware Management Console (HMC). Once you have defined an LP to be a coupling facility LP, only the CFCC can run in that LP. When you activate the Coupling Facility LP, the system automatically loads the CFCC from the laptop Support Element (SE) hard disk of the CPC.


Its major functions are:

  • Storage management
  • Support for CF links
  • Console services (HMC)
  • Trace, logout, and recovery functions
  • Provide support for the list, cache, and lock structures



CF – Coupling Facility

CFCC – Coupling Facility Control Code

CPC – Central Processor Complex

HCD – Hardware Configuration Definition

HMC – Hardware Management Console

LP – Logical Partition

PR/SM – Processor Resource/System Manager


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