What is RACF and what does it do?

RACF (Resource Access Control Facility) helps to secure an organization’s Mainframe environment by providing: – Flexible control of access to protected resources – Protection of installation-defined resources – Ability to store information for other products – Choice of centralized or decentralized control of profiles – An ISPF panel interface – […]


Types of JCL Statements

JOB – Identifies the beginning of a job. The JOB statement informs the operating system of the start of a job, gives the necessary accounting information, and supplies run parameters. Each job must begin with a single JOB statement   EXEC – Indicates what work is to be done. EXEC (execute) statement […]

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XCF Group

A group is the set of related members defined to XCF by a multisystem application in which members of the group can communicate with other members of the same group. A group can span one or more of the systems in a sysplex and represents a complete logical entity to […]

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XCF Member

A member is a specific function (one or more routines) of a multisystem application that is joined to XCF and assigned to a group by the multisystem application. A member concept applies to all authorized routines running in the address space that issued the IXCJOIN macro service. Only for termination […]