Add PDF and EPUB files to iPad or iPhone with Mac OS X Mavericks

I love Apple. I love my Mac, my iPhone and my iPad. But I hate iTunes!! Oh, I really detest this horrendous piece of software! Talking about a non-user friendly application! The worst thing with iTunes is that it tends to behave differently with any new version of Mac OS or iTunes.

How hard can it be do add a simple book, magazine or document in PDF or EPUB format to a portable device like the iPad or the iPhone? Pretty easy? Well, one would think so. But no! Not with iTunes!

So, new iTunes version, new Mac OS version (Mavericks in my case) and voilà! A new way of adding PDF or EPUB files to the iPad and iPhone. What a surprise!

So here’s the trick to add books, magazines and other documents in PDF or EPUB format to the iPad and iPhone if you have the Mac OS X Mavericks:

On the Mac:

1) Open the iBooks application
3) Select your PDF file(s) or EPUB and click ADD
4) Open the iTunes
5) Select your device (iPad or iPhone)
6) Select tab “Books
7) Make sure the box “Sync Books” is ticked
8) Select “All Books” if you wish to synchronise all books with your device
9) Alternatively select “Selected Books” to be able to select which books you want to sync
10) If you selected option 9) tick every book you want to sync with your iPad or iPhone
11) Click on “Apply” to start the synchronisation with your iPad or iPhone

On the iPad or iPhone:

1) Open the iBooks application
2) Your books, magazines or documents should now be available on your device

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