How to Allocate a Page Dataset

Here’s a simple way to allocate a new Page Dataset via batch job:

//SYSIN    DD   *
NAME(page_dataset_name) -
CYLINDERS(number_cyls) -


Substitute the following values on the above JCL to meet your requirements:

page_dataset_name – Name of the Page Dataset you want to create

number_cyls – Specify the number of cylinders the new Page Dataset should have

volume_name – Name of the DASD volume where you want the Page dataset to be allocated


Bear in mind that the VOLUME parameter is only required if the Page Dataset you’re allocating is not SMS managed.

There are other parameters that can be used when allocating a new Page Dataset. To know more about this you can either check IBM manual ‘DFSMS Access Method Services for Catalogs (SC26-7394-xx) or via TSO command HELP DEFPGSPC.

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