Create a New SMF Dataset

It’s not uncommon to be faced with the situation where one of our z/OS mainframe systems requires an extra SMF (System Management Facility) dataset in order to avoid losing any SMF data to be recorded. To create a new SMF dataset we rely on the use of the DEFINE command […]

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What is System Management Facility (SMF)

System Management Facility (SMF) is an IBM z/OS mainframe component that collects and records system and job-related information that can be used to: Bill users/customers Analyse system configuration Maintain system security Summarise DASD volume activity Evaluate dataset activity Profile system resource use Schedule jobs Produce reliability reports   SMF formats […]


How to Allocate a Page Dataset

Here’s a simple way to allocate a new Page Dataset via batch job: //DEFPGSPC EXEC PGM=IDCAMS //SYSPRINT DD   SYSOUT=* //SYSIN    DD   * DEFINE PAGESPACE (  – NAME(page_dataset_name) – CYLINDERS(number_cyls) – VOLUME(volume_name))   Substitute the following values on the above JCL to meet your requirements: page_dataset_name – Name of the Page […]