What is System Management Facility (SMF)

System Management Facility (SMF) is an IBM z/OS mainframe component that collects and records system and job-related information that can be used to:

  • Bill users/customers
  • Analyse system configuration
  • Maintain system security
  • Summarise DASD volume activity
  • Evaluate dataset activity
  • Profile system resource use
  • Schedule jobs
  • Produce reliability reports


SMF formats the information that it gathers into:

  1. System-related SMF records – include information about the configuration, paging activity, and workload.
  2. Job-related records – include information on the CPU time, SYSOUT activity, and data set activity of each job step, job, APPC/MVS transaction program, and TSO/E session.


A mainframe installation can provide its own routines as part of SMF. These routines will receive control either at a particular point as a job moves through the system, or when a specific event occurs. 

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