“Screw it, let´s do it” – Book Review

Author: Sir Richard Branson
Author: Sir Richard Branson

I do believe that almost everyone in the world has heard of Sir Richard Branson or at least the Virgin brand. You might hate the man or love him, but the truth is that he´s one of a kind.

When I first saw the book “Screw it, let´s do it” I felt compelled to buy it, but reason told me to read its synopsis first. Although you may think that I have changed my mind about buying this book, you are wrong! Reading the synopsis increased my level of curiosity about it.

I read this book in a couple of days and I thought it´s a fantastic book. Sir Richard Branson is able to capture your attention and get you motivated to achieve your goals.

The message that the book tries to pass the reader is that one must do things for fun and not for money. As strange as this may seem, I do think this is an undeniable truth. We don’t want to feel miserables every day of our lives just for the sake of money. That is too much of a price to pay!

As we go through some of Richard Branson’s life episodes, he tries to explain some important business lessons that has made him one of the most riches men on Earth.

Screw it, let’s do it” is no doubt a must read book.

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Book Description

In 1968, a young man named Richard Branson began an improbable journey. From opening a tiny record store, called Virgin Records, on the second floor of a building in London, Richard went on to become the head of one of the world’s most universally recognized and respected groups of companies. The Virgin name has become a truly global brand and Richard its charismatic public face. His story is awe-inspiring, breathtaking, and often just plain fun. From airlines to mobile phones, round-the-world balloon flights to space travel, a Caribbean island and a South African game reserve, it’s clear that Richard Branson is having the time of his life. Some people say that everything Richard touches turns to gold. But the truth is, behind the fun-loving persona lies a dedicated and dynamic businessman who has sweated buckets for every dollar he’s made. He has taken his share of falls, just like all of us, and picked himself up and gotten right back into the game. And throughout it all—working, succeeding, failing, trying again—Richard Branson has indeed been having fun. He hasn’t done it all alone. He has learned from and been inspired by many remarkable people, from politicians, scientists, writers, and co-workers to his own mother and father. Screw It, Let’s Do It shares some of Richard Branson’s lessons in life and business that range from good, practical advice to more esoteric inspirations—all of which have made the head of Virgin Group what he is today, including:

Just do it—Believe whatever you want to achieve can be achieved.
Have fun—Have a positive outlook, and when something stops being fun, move on.
Be innovative—The system is not sacred:Think creatively.
Have sex appeal—Create excitement in everything you do.
Do some good—Change the world, even in a small way.

It’s hard to read about his journey and not catch his motivational bug and zest for life—to act positively, to change for the better and join him in his enthusiastic and life-affirming visions for the world. Screw It, Let’s Do It also presents Branson’s vision for the future, a future in which we each fully embrace the responsibility to do no harm to our environment, to hold our hands out to those in need, to work in unity for the great and pressing concerns of our time. It’s up to successful companies may like Virgin to lead the way in a more socially responsible—and in fact, wholly revolutionary—approach to business.
Engaging, funny, utterly absorbing, and above all, inspiring, Screw It, Let’s Do It serves as a template for personal and business growth, a guidebook for anyone who wants to grab life by the horns and take a wonderful ride, living—as Richard Branson surely does— life to its very fullest.

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    It is always nice to check out your blog, it has lots of interesting articles but your book advices/reviews are my preferred section.

    Since my time is very limited i have to choose wisely my reading material – your advices are generally very good.

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