Common MVS System Address Spaces

The following table lists some of the most common MVS system address spaces: Adress Space Description ANTAS000 Concurrent Copy Support ANTMAIN Concurrent Copy support BPXOINIT USS Address Space initiators CATALOG Catalog Address Space – Handles DISP=SHR, DISP=OLD, and DISP=(…,CATLG) CONSOLE Console Task – operator’s interface DLF Data Look aside Facility […]

Command keyboard key

Useful DFSMShsm User Commands

The following table describes the DFSMShsm user commands that can be used for storage administration: Command Description HALTERDS HAL Changes the data set parameters that affect backup. This command only applies to NON-SMS managed datasets. Syntax: HALTERDS (dsname/password…)       FREQUENCY(days) or SYSFREQUENCY       VERSIONS(limit) or SYSVERSIONS Examples: HALTERDS PARTSTST.CNTL VERSIONS(13) FREQUENCY(999) HALTERDS […]